Completely unique, wildly creative,
super fun mystery party games
for kids!


Congrats! You’ve found the coolest kids mystery party out there!

Why? Because our mystery party games are a perfect blend of play-acting and puzzle-solving, setting the stage for one amazing mystery party! With age-appropriate story lines and hilarious kid-friendly dialogue, your mystery party will be a hit with our super cool games for girls, boys, or mixed groups!

Classroom Activities

As a teacher, you know how challenging it can be to find educational and thought-provoking classroom activities that engage young minds. Look no further than our mystery party classroom kits! Designed specifically for the classroom, our kits offer the fun of a party game wrapped in a classroom activity. A guaranteed hit with your students!

Why choose our mystery party games for kids? Read on!

The easiest party game you will ever run!

Why? Because EVERYTHING – yes everything – in our kids party games is scripted! Just read aloud from the Host Cards and you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. It couldn’t be easier — read our testimonials for proof!

Can you say, “Instant mystery party?”

Talk about fast! All of our fun party games and classroom activities come as downloadable pdf’s. Just order online, then check your email. A link to your mystery party will be delivered in seconds, ready to download & print.

More than birthday parties!

While our mysteries are terrific birthday party games for kids, there are so many other great opportunities for drama! Try our mystery games for:

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