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Get your students laughing and learning with our classroom games for kids!

Teachers, as you know, mysteries can help students develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, problem solving, logic, and deductive reasoning. Our mystery classroom kits add a unique theatrical twist that makes mystery-solving twice as fun.

Our fun classroom activities can help foster skills in:

  • Class collaboration and group activity
  • Reading
  • Public speaking
  • Role playing and acting
  • Creative expression

School games that feel like a party!

Our classroom games for kids are perfect for integration into a mystery-based creative curriculum, team building activities for kids, or simply as fun classroom activity. With flexible numbers of characters and parts for boys and girls, our mysteries are suited for most class sizes and structures. Dramatically fun classroom activities for kids and teachers alike!

How our classroom activities for kids work

Students tap into their dramatic sides by role-playing suspects and detectives in these one-hour mysteries. After interviewing one another through short scenes and comparing theories through teacher-led discussions, the class will analyze evidence and fill out individual Crime Reports. At the end of the mystery, the criminal confesses, and those who solved the crime are declared super sleuths! Our mysteries just may become one of your favorite classroom activities!

Please browse our mystery games below to decide which one is best for your class.

a library mystery

At Happy Valley Jr. High, a ferocious dragon has escaped from one of the books, and is roaming the library!

A Library Mystery

a science fair mystery

A futuristic science fair goes awry when the projects are destroyed!

A Science Fair Mystery

a movie star mystery

When the coveted Golden Trophy suddenly disappears from the Golden Galaxy Awards, celebs turn sleuths and must solve the crime!

A Movie Star Mystery

a mansion mystery

A kind but demanding millionaire finds threatening notes in her breakfast cereal — and all of her employees are suspected.

A Mansion Mystery

COMING SOON! Medieval Madness — A History Mystery, The Mystifying Math Mystery.

Also coming soon: lesson plans and extended classroom activities for each Classroom Kit


"Wow, I was facing a day of one hour and 15 minute classes with three groups of 8th graders I don't normally teach. To top it off, they had just come back from a field trip that had them shouting out the lyrics of rap songs and comparing dance moves on stage, so being back to English class was not something they were happy about. I literally ordered your classroom mystery before I went to bed that night and the next morning with ten minutes to spare before the kids arrived, I was basically ready. Normally rather jaded and sceptical, these students, all 103 of them that day, loved the Golden Trophy Awards! They cheered one another on, oooohed and aaaahed, the shy ones mustered up their courage, the dramatic ones sobbed and gushed appropriately, and most importantly they read and listed to one another read! Bless you, and please create more of these...use challenging vocabulary, and keep doing what you have done, it is like magic!"

Libby Dickerson
Laurel Park Middle School

After having my daughters attend Dramatic Fanatic birthday parties, I decided to get the Science Fair Mystery Kit for our large Girl Scout Troop. We used the kit to satisfy the "Power of Story" portion of our Journey Award. The girls were in fourth grade and happened to be doing science inventions in school that year, so it was a great tie-in. They absolutely loved the activity! All of them got into the acting, even the more shy girls. They especially liked the interrogations and really hammed it up. Many of them wanted to repeat the meeting, even though they knew the outcome. We are hoping to complete the Library Mystery this year for a fun fifth grade Girl Scout meeting; the girls are really looking forward to it--thank you!

Kim Klingelhutz

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