How Does a Dramatic Fanatic® Whodunit work?

Parents, you won't believe how easy this party is to run — so we'll show you! As the "Host" of the mystery, you will simply read from your Host Cards, which are fully scripted and presented in a simple, user-friendly format. The cards make running the party effortless — and just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

1) Assigning Parts

Before the party, your child will cast the roles and send guests their Character Card along with their invitation (you can use your own invitation or purchase our themed invites.)

2) Introductions

At the party, players introduce themselves through an Opening Speech.

3) A crime is committed!

Once the crime is announced, players become either Suspects or Detectives and act out dramatic scenes loaded with clues, evidence, and details about "whodunit."

4) Discussing theories

As the game progresses, kids piece together information and discuss their theories as a group.

5) Evidence and clues

Further evidence and clues help them zero in on the criminal.

6) Crime Reports

After narrowing down the suspects to a final few, everyone fills out a Crime Report where they officially decide who they think did it and why.

6) The criminal confesses!

The Host announces who did it and the criminal confesses! Prizes can be given out for Most Dramatic, Best Costume, and Super Sleuth!

Most kits also give kids the chance to be extra creative by making up commercials, skits, and providing other dramatic activities.

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