Dramatic Fanatic Mystery Party Kits

Completely unique birthday party games and detective games for kids!

Looking to liven up your child's birthday party? Look no further than our sensational mystery games for kids! Our kids’ mystery party kits are ideal for mystery birthday parties, detective parties, and sleepovers, and more!

Browse our mystery games for kids to learn about each story, characters, age range, and recommendations for girls and boys.

a mansion mystery

A kind but demanding millionaire finds threatening notes in her breakfast cereal — and all of her employees are suspected.

A Mansion Mystery

a movie star mystery

When the Golden Trophy suddenly disappears, celebrities turn sleuths to solve the crime!

A Movie Star Mystery

a pop star mystery

Pop star Destiny and her super-cool crew turn super sleuths after a million-dollar gift suspiciously disappears.


a slumber party mystery

Sabrina’s super-fun sleepover takes a mysterious turn when a giant bag of her friends’ prized possessions goes missing.


a martian mystery

When a group of Martians discover a strange object underneath a Martian rock, they fear the worst — that their planet has been invaded by an Earthling!

A Martian Mystery

a medieval mystery

Princess Pennyfeather has been captured by a ferocious dragon, and a dragon slayer has come to rescue her. But suddenly the dragon slayer goes missing!

A Medieval Mystery

a superhero mystery

Something is amiss in the Superhero Galaxy of Flubbish Nubbish 3592. It seems an Alien Invader has infiltrated the secret superhero hideout! Who is this Alien Invader?


mystery at the mall

On the 200th anniversary of the world-famous Mall of the Universe, one lucky store will be declared Best in the Mall... until all the stores are burglarized and the contest is cancelled!


a summer camp mystery

When a judge from the Camp Talent Show drinks a cup of possibly-poisoned juice, it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want the show to go on!


a high school mystery

It's Election Day at Harmony High, but the students discover the ballots have been stolen!

A High School Mystery

a fairy tale mystery

The Fairy Tale Fashion Show is thrown into disarray when a character is fairy-napped!

A Fairy Tale Mystery


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Included in each mystery party kit: Host Cards, Character Cards, Opening Speeches, Kids’ Mystery Scripts, Evidence Pages, Crime Reports, Confession Card, Group drama activity.

Still need convincing? Read some common questions below to learn how easy, fun, and dramatic your kids’ mystery party will be!

Are you SURE your mystery kits are easy to run? Yes! These detective games take all of the guesswork out of running your party by providing script cards for both the Host and the Players. We tell you what to say and do at every step, so you and your guests can relax and have fun!

Do you offer murder mystery party kits as well as non-murder mysteries? Yes! For those who want a great murder mystery party for kids, just click on the mystery you'd like and it will tell you whether it's a murder mystery or not.

What is included in the mystery party kits?
Each kids mystery party includes Host Cards, Character Cards, Opening Speeches, Evidence Pages, Crime Reports, Confession Card, and a Group drama activity.

Do you have any classroom mysteries that are good for school parties or classroom events? We do! For great classroom activities and detective games for kids, check out our Mystery Classroom Kits, designed specifically for teachers! Click here to learn more.

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