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"The best party they have ever been to!!!"

Just wanted to let you know my daughter’s party went off perfectly. All 16 girls had a blast. They said it was the best party they have ever been to!!!

Amanda Daugherty

"It was truly a glam-fabulous birthday party!!!"

We purchased the Movie Star Mystery Kit for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. What a blast!!! She said it was her best party ever and later that night said she wished it was still going on. We had a red carpet with the velvet ropes and had my 8 year-old son and his friend act as security at the head of the carpet for fan control. They wore all black with dark sunglasses and headsets. We had photographers and fans asking for autographs as each girl walked the red carpet when they arrived. Each girl was asked to come dressed "Red Carpet" ready and they all got into the spirit by dressing to the nines! It was truly a glam-fabulous birthday party!!! (Not to mention super easy to follow- the cards spell it all out for you as you go!)
Thank you Dramatic Fanatic!


"This is one party they'll never forget."

Your Mansion Mystery was a huge hit! The directions were easy to follow. The kids (and adults watching) had a blast trying to figure out "Who done it?". Everyone dressed their part, and did a great job acting out the scenes. This is one party they'll never forget. Thanks for making it so easy!

Lisa from Louisiana

"It was a HUGE success."

We just did the Mansion Mystery Party last night and it was a HUGE success. The kids loved it so much that they wanted to do it all over again in the morning even though they knew who committed the crime (since it was a sleepover)!

Mary Anne

"The best party she ever had."

My daughter has declared her 9th birthday party as the best party she ever had. Everyone, kids and adults, had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about it.

Thanks so much!

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