Rave Reviews

"Thank you so much for the great blueprint for an amazing party."

We had the Mystery at the Mall party last night for my 11 year-old daughter and 18 of her closest friends.

The girls all had such a great time and the photos barely do it justice. Thank you so much for the great blueprint for an amazing party. We had such fun...from the invitations, to the planning costumes and decorating the 'mall'. It was great fun and each girl did an amazing job staying in character and really embracing the whole idea.

I have already given out the website and expect to see a flurry of mystery parties in Santa Rosa very soon.

Gina Balestrieri

"Thank you for such a creative idea for a party. It is GENIUS!!!"

I just wanted to say that I threw my daughter the Mystery Slumber Party for her 7th birthday. We had such a blast!! I found myself really getting into it as well. We had 12 girls and even the shy ones enjoyed it. I have run into some of the girls since the party (which was over 8 months ago) and they are asking  if we are throwing another slumber party for my daughter because they had so much fun. I took a ton of pictures and made a collage for all of the girls with "Best Actress," "Best Supporting Actress," etc. Thank you for such a creative idea for a party. It is GENIUS!!! I am looking forward to some of the other themes for this year and the years to come...

Jennifer Jensen

"Still talking about it at breakfast the next morning."

We bought the Mystery Mansion Kit and hosted our daughter's 11th birthday party this past weekend and the girls had a fantastic time. The girls were all so engaged in the mystery and their theories were constantly changing. The girls loved the mystery and were still talking about it at breakfast the next morning. I would definitely recommend your kits to friends and family.


"This was by far the best party she has had."

We had a Dramatic Fanatic sleepover party in May for my 10 year-old. This was by far the best party she has had. Every single girl at the party had a blast. They had so much fun getting into their characters and really playing them with all the creativity of a Hollywood actress. They loved it so much that I promised to have another one in the fall just for kicks. Thank you for being so creative and talented so that my daughter could have the memories of her 10th birthday party forever as being the most fun.

Kim Bialas

"The party was a hit!"

The party was a hit! The girls really enjoyed the whole experience! They were so into it that it actually took us closer to 2 hours to get through everything. The information you provided was so well-written and easy to follow. I have now put on 17 kids’ b-day parties for my two daughters over the past 10 years. This one was my favorite party because the kids enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and even though I added some "extras" and decorated a lot it still was not an overwhelming amount of work for me. Your directions were so wonderful.

Michele A.

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