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A Ghostly Mystery Kit

The Story

For 100 years, very strange things happen at the annual Spooky Hollow Halloween Carnival. But when the rival carnival over at Ghost Hill insists their carnival is the best, there can only be ONE winner in The Bat County Carnival Contest. Oh, and those strange thing that happen in Spooky Hollow..well that might be because we have a ghost..


A Haunted House Party Kit

The Story

There is a dark, drippy, droopy and dumpy house up on San Cinnamon Hill that was built by a sea captain in the 1700’s. Some believe he was really a pirate and that he buried a treasure chest somewhere near the house, which is probably why most everyone in Eerie Cove believe it’s haunted. San Cinnamon has a ghost with huge black eyes and hideous green teeth! But with everyone’s help, we can get rid of this ghost once and for all..or can we?


A Witchy Mystery Kit

The Story

Please keep your frogs away from the purple potion. Thank you. At the annual Witch Workshop the witches prepare everything they may need for the Halloween season: potions, broomsticks, and lots of other important stuff. Everyone in attendance has been personally selected to help with the preparations and to be in charge of specific witchy specialties. But then someone goes and steals the Black Book of Curses and puts a curse on the ENTIRE workshop!! Will this be the final Witch Workshop?!

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A Mansion Mystery Party Kit

The Story

A kind but demanding millionaire is finding threatening notes in his breakfast cereal box — and all of the employees are suspected. But just when they start to get closer to the truth, an outrageous event sends them all to the witness stand! A creative classroom curriculum that provides: class collaboration and group activity, reading, public speaking, role playing and acting & creative expression. Great for a class of any size!

*Although treated very comically, this is a murder mystery.

Summer Camp - Dramatic Fanatic Party Kits
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A Summer Camp Mystery Party Kit

The Story

It’s talent show night at Camp Ana-waka-weeeble-wobble-rama-lama-ding-dong, the coolest camp on Earth. But when the talent show judge is poisoned with a cup of juice, it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want the show to go on! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!


A Slumber Party Mystery Kit

The Story

Sabrina has invited her best girlfriends over for a TOTALLY fun slumber party, and she’s asked everyone to bring their favorite special object to share with the others. But when the objects disappear, everyone becomes a suspect as they figure out who stole the objects and why! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!


A Movie Star Mystery Party Kit

The Story

Every famous Hollywood celebrity is gathered at the Golden Trophy Awards, and they all want one thing: the Golden Trophy, worth 1 million dollars! When the trophy suddenly disappears, celebs turn sleuths and must solve the crime! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!


Mansion Mystery Party Planning Guide

A three-page guide chock full of creative tips and ideas for food, décor, party favors, additional activities and more!

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My daughter has declared her 9th birthday party as the best party she ever had. Everyone, kids and adults, had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about it.

Just wanted to let you know my daughter’s party went off perfectly. All 16 girls had a blast. They said it was the best party they have ever been to!

Each girl was asked to come dressed “Red Carpet” ready and they all got into the spirit by dressing to the nines. It was truly a glam-fabulous birthday party (not to mention super easy to follow – the cards spell it all out for you as you go)!

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