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The Very Strange Sleepover Skit Kit

The Story

A group of friends are ready for a super-fun sleepover! But when one of the girls tells them about a ghost who loves slumber parties, everyone starts to wonder – are they hearing things, or might there really be a ghost visiting THEIR party! A funny, spooky, action-packed skit kit for girls!


The Nine O’Clock News Skit Kit

The Story

It’s the Nine O’ Clock News, but not the news you’re used to! The weather reporter leaves because he’s cold, the sportscaster doesn’t know baseball from bowling, and the roving reporter’s most important story is a lady with a cold. Can this nutty news crew get their act together before they go on the air?


The Lemon Show Skit Kit

The Story

It’s the Lemon Show! Join hosts Opal and Sapphire Lemon as they give interviews to celebrity guests including mega-movie star Cynthia Sunshine, reality show winner Rhonda Riff, and the most famous fortuneteller in the world, Celestia! A hilarious talk-show skit kit for girls.


Nursery Rhyme Shake-Up Skit Kit

The Story

The most famous nursery rhyme characters have gathered together to practice their rhymes. But they’ve been doing some thinking and have come up with their own ideas. And the nursery rhyme director isn’t too happy about it! A super-silly take on classic nursery rhymes – with a twist!


Mansion Mystery Party Planning Guide

A three-page guide chock full of creative tips and ideas for food, décor, party favors, additional activities and more!


Mansion Mystery Extra Characters Kit

Need extra characters? This kit allows you to add 8 extra characters to your mystery by incorporating these pages into your original kit.


Mansion Mystery Awards Certificates

Three printable certificates for Super Sleuth, Most Dramatic, and Best Costume.

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