A Medieval Mystery Party Kit

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The Story

Hear ye, hear ye! There’s a crisis in the royal kingdom: Princess Pennyfeather has been captured by a ferocious dragon! The castle folk are beside themselves with worry – until a brave dragon slayer arrives to defeat the dragon and rescue the princess. However, things take a mysterious turn when the dragon slayer goes missing! What happened to the dragon slayer…and what will become of Princess Pennyfeather?

8–16 Characters • Boys or Girls ages 9–12

  • Queen Penelope
  • Patience, The Lady in Waiting
  • Jingles, The Jester
  • Meriwether, The Minstrel
  • Sir Lionel, The Knight
  • Sage, The Fortune Teller
  • Prudence, The Cousin
  • Belgar, The Wizard
  • Midge, The Groundskeeper
  • Igor, The Dungeon Keeper
  • Squeaky, The Moat Cleaner
  • Hadley, The Horse Trainer
  • Templeton, The Lookout
  • Sigbert, The Drawbridge Operator
  • Pepe Roni, The Royal Cook
  • Levi, The Royal Messenger

1 review for A Medieval Mystery Party Kit

  1. Melissa

    My daughter’s 10th birthday was a hit thanks to the Medieval Mystery party kit! Everyone was involved and laughing and guessing who the culprit was! Keep new kits coming!

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