Christmas Kit

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The Story

Two days before Christmas, we learn at the annual workshop meeting that Santa’s not actually missing..but stuck in a chimney!! After learning from Rudolph that he was actually pushed into the chimney we need to figure out who among the eight major suspects got the jolly old soul stuck. Did it have something to do with the peanut butter found on the chimney? It’s a race to get to the bottom of this seasonal mystery!

8–16 Characters

  • Lotta Bags
  • Tutu Tailor
  • Carol Ling
  • Catherine Kissme
  • Izzy Fastpants
  • Amber Beardsley
  • Kooky Crunch
  • Shirley Sweep
  • Rudy Cheeks
  • Suri Sweettooth
  • Whitney White
  • Happy GoLucky
  • Short Stuff
  • Nina Nice
  • Inspecta Lens
  • Molly Maps


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