A Ghostly Mystery Kit

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The Story

For 100 years, very strange things happen at the annual Spooky Hollow Halloween Carnival. But when the rival carnival over at Ghost Hill insists their carnival is the best, there can only be ONE winner in The Bat County Carnival Contest. Oh, and those strange thing that happen in Spooky Hollow..well that might be because we have a ghost..

8–16 Characters

  • Haunted House Manager
  • Jack-O-Lantern Expert
  • Costume Contest Judge
  • Bounce House Manager
  • Ghost Story Teller
  • Pumpkin Patch Director
  • Candy Corn Supervisor
  • Scarecrow Builder
  • Apple Bobbing Expert
  • Cobweb Weaver
  • Leaf Painter
  • Trick-or-Treat Organizer
  • Mask-Making Manager
  • Sack Race Leader
  • Magic Potion Maker
  • Dunking Booth Manager


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