Haunted House Party Game

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The Story

There is a dark, drippy, droopy and dumpy house up on San Cinnamon Hill that was built by a sea captain in the 1700’s. Some believe he was really a pirate and that he buried a treasure chest somewhere near the house, which is probably why most everyone in Eerie Cove believe it’s haunted. San Cinnamon has a ghost with huge black eyes and hideous green teeth! But with everyone’s help, we can get rid of this ghost once and for all..or can we?

8–16 Characters

  • Lola Lavish
  • Librarian
  • Mail Carrier
  • Police Officer
  • Gardener
  • Teacher
  • Farmer
  • Baker
  • Dentist
  • Karate Expert
  • Chef
  • Hair Stylist
  • Reporter
  • Toy Store Owner
  • Pet Store Owner
  • House Painter


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