A High School Mystery Party Kit

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The Story

It’s Election Day at Harmony High, and the whole school is buzzing about who will be the next Student Body President. But suddenly, Principal Pugsley discovers that all of the ballots have been stolen! Who is trying to sabotage the election, and why? It’s a race to solve the crime and get to the bottom of this high school whodunit! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!

8–16 Characters • Girls ages 8–13

  • Roxie Beats, School DJ (birthday girl)
  • Nikki Newsalot, School Newspaper Reporter
  • Perry Prez, Current Student President
  • Spirit Squeaks, Head Cheerleader
  • Willow Star, Actress
  • Hayley Hoops, Basketball Star
  • Cary Calculator, Math Club Captain
  • Aqua Blue, Painter
  • Deanna Dance, Head of the Prom Committee
  • Bailey Beaker, Science Fair Winner
  • Tra La La, Choir Singer
  • Finley Fish, Swimmer
  • Morgan Music, Violinist
  • Rizzy Fizzy, Baton Twirler
  • Mackenzie Motormouth, Debate Team Member
  • Tree McMountain, Outdoors Club Leader



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