A Library Mystery

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The Story

At Happy Valley Jr. High, librarian Miss Trudy McFuddle has a big problem on her hands. It seems that a ferocious dragon has escaped from one of her books, and is now roaming the library! To capture the dragon she has enlisted the help of her most beloved book characters, and they are happy to help…until it seems one of them might be responsible for the dragon’s escape!

Cast of Characters (Up to 24)

  • Clues, the Book Detective
  • Wisk, the Time Traveler
  • Princess Petunia, Fairy Tale Princess
  • Commander Brave, Action Hero
  • Starla Bright, Teen Celebrity
  • Broody Goth, Teen Vampire
  • Soupy, the Cookbook Chef
  • Bucky Dollars, Millionaire
  • Patches, the Thrifty Stitcher
  •  Winden Rain, Weather Forecaster
  • Hoppy the Counting Clown
  • Getta Passport, Travel Writer
  • Muttins the Magnificent, Magician
  • Wise Owl, Fable narrator
  • Sylvia Solves, Girl Detective
  • Fiona Fitt, Fitness Expert
  • Mega Bytes, Computer
  • Busy Bee, Activity Leade
  • Inventor Wires, Hero from the Future
  • Worlda Sports, Sports Star
  • Sheriff Lasso, Wild West Hero
  • Plantin Rows, Gardener
  • Orson Orbit, Futuristic Space Explorer
  • Jokes Jones, Joke Book Writer


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