A Mystery at the Mall Party Kit

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The Story

It’s the 200th anniversary of the world famous Mall of the Universe! To celebrate, ONE lucky store will be declared Best in the Mall – and win a prize of $5,000! But then they find out… all of the stores have been burglarized! Who wanted to stop the celebration, and why? It’s a shop-till-you-drop whodunit! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!

8–16 Characters • Girls ages 8–13

  • Sophie Hollywood, Movie Theater Manager
  • Kitty Kabroodle, Pet Store Worker
  • Bettie Axyl, Ice Skating Rink Manager
  • Fiona Foot, Shoe Store Worker
  • Wendy McDonald, Food Court Worker
  • Cherry Valentine, Lost and Found Worker
  • Jillian Dipper, Pretzel Stand Worker
  • Izzie Kazaam, Magic Shop Worker
  • Sally Dupree, MakeUp Store Worker
  • Kay B., Toy Store Worker
  • Penelope Snow, Hat Shop Worker
  • Bubbles McGee, Bath Store Worker
  • Jammin’ Jasmine, Music Store Worker
  • Cassie Fashionista, Clothing Store Worker
  • Spins Foster, Merry-go-Round Operator
  • Pinky LaRue, Nail Technician


  1. Joyce

    We had the Mystery at the Mall party last night for my 11 year old daughter and 18 of her closest friends. The girls all had such a great time and the photos barely do it justice.

  2. Daron

    We just finished the Mystery at the Mall for my daughter’s 12th birthday party. The girls all LOVED the party. This was one of the easiest and fun parties that I’ve ever thrown for either of my kids.

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