A Martian Mystery Party Kit

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The Story

“Gloop gloop, fa fa, sneep leep!” Welcome to Mars, where a group of Martians have gathered to discuss a STRANGE AND UNUSUAL object found deep in the Martian soil. Who could have left it there, and was it even a Martian who did? Was it, in fact…an EARTHLING? And if so, where is that Earthling now? And what does he have planned next?! It’s a race to find the Earthling invader before its too late!

8–16 Characters • Boys ages 8–13

  • Fognog, the Martian Mayor
  • Slime-doc, the Slimy Martian
  • Zebop, the Spaceship Champion
  • NamNam, the 10-eyed Alien
  • Rocky, the Space Rock Collector
  • Waa-Waa, the Martian Chef
  • Munchzorp, the Martian Muncher
  • Tizboing, the Martian Translator
  • Zorzan, the Martian Sorcerer
  • Snerplerp, the Martian Bodybuilder
  • Professor Bizbor, the Martian Mad Scientist
  • Zeepnork, the Martian Dentist
  • FreeZor, the Ice Martian
  • Coolbeans, the Martian Movie Star
  • ZooZoo, the Martian Zookeeper
  • Doctor Check Check, the Martian Doctor


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