A Pop Star Mystery Party Kit

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The Story

Pop Superstar Destiny is celebrating her world tour with a pre-show party for her 5,000-person cast and crew. She announces a special gift for one lucky employee, but she discovers it’s been stolen! Destiny and her friends must unravel the mystery — all before the lights go down and the concert begins! Solve the mystery in this fun interactive party kit. Great game for sleepovers, slumber parties, and mystery birthday parties!

8–16 Characters • Girls ages 8–13

  • Destiny, World Famous Pop Star
  • Muffy, her Manager
  • Pinky, her Makeup Artist
  • Margo, her Hair Stylist
  • Cha Cha, her Costume Designer
  • Lulu, her Personal Assistant
  • Iris, her Back-up Singer
  • Tiny, the Tiger Trainer
  • Gumdrop, her Guitar Player
  • Darla, her Drummer
  • Binky, her Backup Dancer
  • Lilly, her Limo Driver
  • Twiggy, her Bodyguard
  • Cecilia, her Numer 1 Fan
  • Peanut, her Personal Chef
  • Penny, her Songwriter


  1. Alicia

    I threw a party yesterday for my daughter’s 8th birthday and she chose the Pop Star Mystery. It was such a huge success! What a wonderful service you provide! I look forward to seeing what else you create!

  2. Robert

    We just hosted the Pop Star Mystery for my daughter’s 9-year old birthday and it was a HUGE hit! The girls all had a great time and I really enjoyed it too. Thanks again!

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