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A Science Fair Mystery

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The Story

It’s Science Fair 2050, and all of the students have gathered together for the final round of judging! Who will win the top prize? Will it be the Cat Language Translator? The gravity-defying Super Bounce Boots? It’s a close contest and anyone can win…until someone sneaks into the science lab and causes a major science snafoo! A creative classroom curriculum that provides: class collaboration and group activity, reading, public speaking, role playing and acting & creative expression. Great for a class of any size!

Cast of Characters (Up to 24)

  • Kitty Cat, Cat Language Translator
  • Randy Reader, Teach Your Mouse to Read Machine
  • Cary Clotheshorse, Magical Outfit Machine
  • Carmen Clean, Automatic Mess Spray
  • Sonny Skies, Helicopter Backpack
  • Frosty Roads, Snow Bike
  • Alex Moon, Anti-Gravity Gadget
  • Sammy Sole, Super-Bounce Boots
  • Sweets Cakely, Dinner into Dessert Machine
  • Windy Days, Weather Hat
  • Rush Speedly, Breakfast Toothpaste
  • Rhoda Bases, Magnetic Baseball Bat
  • Goldy Fins, Gigantic Fish Tank
  • Boards Bently, Skateboard Surfboard
  • Biff Focals, Magic Movie Glasses
  • Beck Peckish, World’s Most Perfect Lunchbox
  • Clem Beaker, Chemistry Professor
  • Giga Byte, Computer Genius>
  • Salty Snorkel, underwater Animal Expert
  • Flora Potts, Houseplant Specialist
  • Rainy Cloud, Local Meteorologist
  • Speedy Jets, Rocket Scientist
  • Lexi Axel, Simple Machines Expert
  • Rocky Feldman, Geologist

1 review for A Science Fair Mystery

  1. Reese

    I decided to get the Science Fair Mystery Kit for our large Girl Scout Troop. They absolutely loved the activity! All of them got into the acting, even the more shy girls –thank you!

  2. Jesus Christ

    I first had an seizure when reading the names, but when I really got into it… IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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