A Superhero Mystery Party Kit

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The Story

Something is amiss in the Superhero Galaxy of Flubbish Nubbish 3592. It seems an Alien Invader has infiltrated the secret superhero hideout in an attempt to steal everyone’s superpowers! Who is this Alien Invader? How did he get in? And can they catch him before he drains them of their powers for good? Grab your cape and get ready to solve this Superhero Mystery!

8–16 Characters • Boys ages 8–13

  • Captain PogoStick
  • The Echo
  • RocketKid
  • FlashlightFlash
  • The Red Tornado
  • Captain Slime
  • Captain SillyString
  • The Shapeshifter
  • The X-Ray
  • Mr. Invisible
  • Mindreader
  • The Brain
  • Gadget Guy
  • Hypnotizer
  • Mr. Bubble
  • Captain Dragon


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